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Course Description

MB101 / BU8101 Accounting: A User Perspective

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: NIL / NIL

Course Description:
The objective of this course is to expose non-accounting and non-business students to the environment of accounting and its role in providing information for useful decision making by various stakeholders of business organizations. By the end of the course, students should be able to appreciate the role, scope and value of information for managing business organizations towards achieving their goals.

Students will learn fundamental concepts and techniques in financial and managerial accounting through solving business problems. In this course, students are treated to an understanding of a broad range of the underlying accounting concepts without the need to be involved in too much detail associated with the processes. Whilst non-accounting and non-business students need not have to prepare detailed financial statements, it would be beneficial for them to be able to understand, interpret, analyze and use them.

Topics covered include - the role of accounting in business; the accounting cycle; understanding, interpretation and analysis of financial statements; and the application of accounting tools for strategic planning and control in a business organization.