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Course Description

BH2602 Total Rewards Management

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB1202, AB1601

Course Description:

This course provides you with a good foundation to discover and apply the concepts, theories and practical application of total rewards management in order to design and develop a pay and benefits system that enable Management to attract, motivate and retain talents in the organization. Some of topics covered in this course include total rewards model, pay and benefits design, work-life balance, motivational theories, international assignment pay package and many others. Besides learning the concepts and theories of total rewards management, you will have the opportunity to translate the knowledge and skills gained into hands-on activities such as participation in classroom exercises, discussion on case studies and video clips and working on casebook project for a software company called “FastCat”. All of these learning activities help you to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be a competent HR Business Partner or Total Rewards Specialist to your line managers when you join the industry in the future. As such, this course is relevant to you if you are interested to pursue a career in Human Resource Management.