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Course Description

BM2508 Modern and Emerging Technologies in Marketing

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB1401, AB1501

Course Description:

Technology has been the key driver behind current marketing practices. This course is designed to introduce you to modern technologies that have found successful marketing applications (e.g., text mining, deep learning, recommendation systems), and emerging technologies that hold great promise for transforming marketing practices (e.g., neuro-marketing, chatbots, internet of things). It aims to help you develop an intuitive understanding of the fundamental logic of the surveyed technologies, and gain knowledge about how these technologies can be used to improve marketing practices. This course is suitable for second- and third-year marketing students, and business students from other specializations who are interested in the applications of technologies in marketing. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with a conceptual framework and domain knowledge for analyzing how technologies are transforming marketing practices and identifying areas in which current practices can be improved by modern and emerging technologies. These skills are valuable for a career in marketing management, marketing analytics, and marketing research.