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Course Description

BF3213 Enterprise Risk Management in Commodity Markets

Acad Unit: 2
Pre-requisite: NIL

Course Description:

All organizations (especially commodities / energy trading organizations) face a wide range ofenterprise risks. This course provides:
i) an overview on the range of key risks that continue to challenge these firms
ii) how to assess and identify existing and emerging risks facing these firms
iii) how to maintain an effective risk management framework to monitor and manage such risks
iv) Overview and analysis of basic risk management techniques

Managing risk has never been so complex and regulated in a commodities / energy trading organization. Everyone in an organization (trading or non-trading, client facing traders/marketersor finance/IT teams) is expected to understand and manage risk across an organization.

Anyone aspiring to have a career in trading, risk management or a job in a trading organization would find value in this course.