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Course Description

BF2100 Ethics in the Investment Profession

Acad Unit: 1
Pre-requisite: NIL

Course Description:

The fairness and transparency is necessary for financial market to be efficient. This should not only be guaranteed by laws and regulations. Practitioners in the industry should comply necessary ethical foundation to make sure that the financial system is functioning well. Individuals with unethical behaviors damage investor trust and impair the capital markets as a whole. Unethical behaviors also have serious personal consequences on individuals themselves, this may range from job loss and reputational damage to fines and jails. This aim of this course is to train students with the basic understanding of the CFA Ethics code. It seeks to increase students? awareness of business ethics and improve their willingness to comply it. It will help students with their future career and contribute to the society. Moreover, it is also a component of the CFA exams. All NBS students with a Banking and Finance (BAF) specialization must complete a CFA Ethics course prior to graduation.