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Course Description

AB9103 Audit Analytics

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: AC2104

Course Description:

With a ripdly chaning regulatory environment, stakeholders are demanding more confidence and value from audit, particularly with the emergence of technologies such as data analytics. Data Analytics is significantly changing the way auditors approach and conduct audit, where data is now brought to life to allow an in0depth risk assessment and more continous real-time audit procedures to be performed - subjecting entire populations to audit procedures, not just samples.

The course examines the application of data analytics un audit based in an underlying risk-based methodology with real-life examples. The course is designed for students who are keen to apply what they have learn about practical aspects int eh audit analytics process such as extracion, transformation and loading of dara as well as the actual execution of audit analytics tests and visualisation fo the results in software such as Tableau.