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BC2406 Analytics I: Visual and Predictive Techniques

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: Year 2 Standing

Course Description:

Most organizations are data rich and information poor. The large volumes of data in an organization are “oilfields” rich in information content that are pending extraction with the right tools and models. Analytics involves the art of data exploration, visualization, communication and the science of analyzing large quantities of data in order to discover meaningful patterns and useful insights to support decision-making. The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to various techniques available to extract useful insights from the large volumes of data. At the end of the course, students will not only see the substantial opportunities that exist in real world, but also learn techniques that allow them to exploit these opportunities. This course focus on the use of open source R software, which is one of the key analytics software used in various industries and a critical skillset required in the job market for analytics and data science professionals.