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BU8642 Leadership in the 21st Century

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: NIL

Course Description:

Leadership is a hot topic in corporations, government agencies, and non‐profit organisations. But what do leaders really do in the world of work? What do YOU need to do, in order to become a really effective leader? This course is for students who hope to become managers, leaders, or consultants in workplaces anywhere in the world. If do not have this ambition, please do not do this course! The course covers some important research and case‐based principles for leadership in the real world of work, with an emphasis on both “eastern” and “western” approaches to leadership. You will learn practical skills and techniques for networking, handling organisational politics, managing and influencing people at work (including goal‐setting, delegating work, running staff meetings, coaching employees, and so on). You will also learn about your own leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, and how to develop your leadership knowledge and skills throughout your careers.