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BE1401 Business Operations & Process

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: NIL

Course Description:

The operations function in an organization is responsible for the design and management of systems concerned with the production of goods and services. Operations account for a significant percentage of the value added and cost in any business. With increased competition, firms face constant pressure to deliver timely and high quality product and services. Leading edge companies have met these challenges by enhancing their competitiveness in business operations. Even a small advantage in operations can be the difference between winners & losers in a competitive marketplace. The main objectives of this broad spectrum course are to gain an appreciation of the Operations function and  to understand the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary for designing, managing and improving operations and processes in both manufacturing and service industries. Analyzing and continuously improving enterprise wide processes is critically important for achieving world class performance in business operations. Hence the course will adopt a "process management" viewpoint while addressing a variety of strategic and tactical issues. Topics covered in the course include Operations Strategy, Process Analysis & Improvement, Quality Management, Applications of Linear Programming in Operations, Project Management, Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management.