May 2022

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Digital Multisided Platforms and Women’s Health: An Empirical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Lending and Abortion Rates
GT Ozer, Brad Greenwood & Anandasivam Gopal - Information Systems Research
Digital multisided platforms and peer-to-peer marketplaces are increasingly attracting attention from scholars, with a significant amount of work examining their societal implications. We investigate how peer-to-peer lending services help people access healthcare that is otherwise stigmatised and sensitive such as abortions.
Styles of Regulators: Evidence from the SEC's Comment Letters
Truc Do & Huai Zhang - Contemporary Accounting Research
In this paper, we investigate whether individual securities regulators exhibit personal styles in their work, a question of importance to corporate executives and capital market participants. Using the SEC's comment letters as our setting, our findings show that SEC staff members exhibit unique personal styles.
Navigating contradictory logics in the field of luxury retailing
Jean-Baptiste Welté, Julien Cayla & Eileen Fischer - Journal of Retailing
The future of luxury retail will be about hybridity. Only through a hybrid strategy will luxury retailers adapt to a changing luxury market. In this paper, we explore the implications of multiple logics influencing this field, focusing particularly on logics coming into tension with one another.
Artificial Intelligence
Hannah Yee-Fen Lim - Law and Regulation
Written by outstanding lawyers, technologists, and other professionals, Artificial Intelligence – Law and Regulation is a book that provides an extensive overview and analysis of the law and regulation as it applies to the technology and uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The chapter titled Regulation, contributed by Prof Lim, analyses the laws and regulation on AI in numerous jurisdictions internationally and elucidates the legal problems associated.
The intimacy trap: Navigating the commercial friendships of luxury
Jean-Baptiste Welté, Julien Cayla & Bernard Covac - Journal of Business Research
Commercial friendships in luxury can lead to the intimacy trap – a relationship where customers take advantage of their intimacy with salespeople. In this study, we propose some pathways to help salespeople manage these critical relationships and to avoid the intimacy trap.
Interest rates are surging — here’s what that means for you and your money
CNBC International - 9 May 2022
Interest rates have been at historic lows since the global financial crisis in 2008 but now, with demand recovering and supply chains affected by the pandemic and the Ukraine war, inflation has gone up. Assoc Prof Lee Boon Keng says there is no other way to end this inflation, given the supply chain disruption in the background besides demand destruction, and it can only be achieved by tight monetary policy.
Why buying my kids $300 headphones is a smart move
The Straits Times - 1 May 2022
Despite the criticism he gets for being extravagant, Adj Assoc Prof and NBS Advisory Board member Abel Ang explains why he sees the headphones as "must-have" anti-distraction productivity tools that help his kids improve their attention span and stay focused on their work.
Singapore firms undeterred by Chinese rule-book changes
The Business Times - 29 April 2022
With Chinese authorities tightening rules across sectors, the regulatory climate has become more pronounced for businesses in the world's second-largest economy – and companies here are not immune from uncertainty. Asst Prof Ru Hong says that while foreign firms in China may seem to have a lot of advantages and benefits like tax incentives on paper, it is a different story in practice.
Singapore looks to raise adoption of flexible work arrangements
Channel News Asia - 27 April 2022
In his May Day message, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng spoke about flexible work arrangements. In a live interview, Prof Boh Wai Fong says the flexible work arrangement process needs to be constantly re-evaluated, for example, setting guidelines to ensure continuous monitoring of the progress.
Data illiteracy hinders business performance and staff retention in APAC
Future CIO - 26 April 2022
The Forrester Consulting report found that despite increasing demand for data skills, insufficient training and investments are leaving business leaders with a false sense of security. Assoc Prof Damien Joseph says there is a long-held understanding that data-driven decision-making results in higher levels of productivity and profitability. For an organisation to still resist a data-driven culture is tantamount to sabotaging itself.
Turbo Motivation: Engineering your Psychological Well-Being
CNA 938FM - 25 April 2022
In a live interview on Money Mind, co-authors of the book Dr Kumaran Rajaram and Dr Eugene Tan share their thoughts on how to ignite your inner engine to supercharge and sustain your motivation towards accomplishing your goals effectively and efficiently, and live a fulfilling life filled with purpose, clarity, and happiness.
Work/Life: Boss, I'm not data stupid. You never trained me
The Straits Times - 25 April 2022
In a Tableau report, 91 per cent of managers in Singapore expect data literacy from employees in every department, but only 28 per cent train every worker in their company. But who is responsible to get us competent in using data at work? Assoc Prof Damien Joseph says it is unwise for workers to abdicate training decisions to managers or to the organisation. The worker is responsible and directs personal and occupational development.
Lawyers say 'not easy' for S'pore model to sue Russian artist accused of using her likeness on nude paintings
TODAY Online - 24 April 2022
A Singapore-based model has been cataloguing evidence that the Russian artist had allegedly made paintings based on a photo of her, without her consent. Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim says based on the November 2021 changes in the Copyright Act on commissioned works, it is the photographer who owns the copyright over a photo by default, and that the ownership can be transferred via a contract.
Spotlight on exploitation of natural resources in fashion industry
The Straits Times - 22 April 2022
On Earth Day this year, the Singapore chapter of Fashion Revolution aimed to raise awareness about the consumption-driven exploitation of natural resources. Asst Prof Irene Huang says shoppers are attracted by the frequent release of new items in fast fashion. But there is also growing awareness of sustainable fashion, says Prof Sharon Ang, adding that this is because more people do not see renting and buying pre-loved apparel as signs of a person's financial weakness.
How can Singapore bridge the gap between climate change awareness and sustainable actions?
Channel News Asia - 22 April 2022
In a Climate Index survey, the respondents scored an average of 8.3 in awareness, but only 6.5 in adoption, and 5.6 in advocacy. Cost and inconvenience were cited as the top two reasons for not adopting green practices. When there is a trade-off to be made, cost is a big factor when people make decisions, says Prof Sharon Ng, noting that many of us value our time over sustainability efforts and money over recycling.
Asean logistics sector could get tech boost as Alibaba unit looks to region for growth
The Business Times - 18 April 2022
Chinese tech giant Alibaba is eyeing growth in Southeast Asia's third-party logistics market, with its Cainiao Network arm recently unveiling a spate of plans for regional smart warehouse projects. Assoc Prof Chen Tao says logistics enterprises that can successfully seize these opportunities will be able to gain huge benefits from the Southeast Asian market.
Tech Startup Zilingo Has Suspended its CEO Ankiti Bose – Here’s Why
Tatler Asia - 13 April 2022
Zilingo Pte, one of Singapore’s most notable start-ups, has suspended its chief executive Ankiti after questions began circulating about efforts taken to raise funding for the company. Assoc Profs Tong Yen Hee and Anilkumar Samtani share their comments on major investors’ concerns with Zillingo’s accounting and why it is the company’s duty to investigate complaints that point to accounting irregularities.
Smart ways to splurge on your vacation
The Sunday Times - 10 April 2022
Taking yourself on a long vacation does not necessarily mean burning a hole in your pocket, and neither does it mean penny-pinching. In this article, Prof Sharon Ng stresses the importance of planning a holiday budget.
Will labour shortage crimp Singapore’s pandemic recovery?
The Straits Times - 9 April 2022
Similar factors relating to Singapore's quality of environment, along with its economic recovery, were cited by observers in espousing its continued edge and attractiveness for foreign workers. But employers here will soon have to fork out more for them. Assoc Prof Angie Low says the stricter policies would push companies to look for labour domestically, but this would be contingent on the supply of qualified locals willing to take up the jobs.
Commentary: Equal opportunities in the workplace: For better or worse?
The Straits Times - 8 April 2022
The recent White Paper on Singapore Women's Development highlighted the benefits of promoting equal opportunities in the workplace. In this commentary, Asst Prof Chong Sinhui discusses what the paper means for gender equality and how it will shape Singapore’s society and economy in the years ahead.

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