June 2022

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NBS Business Law faculty appointed in DESCARTES
Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim has been appointed as a Co-PI and legal expert in DESCARTES, a S$56 million CNRS@CREATE programme organised by National Research Foundation. DESCARTES aims to develop disruptive hybrid AI to serve the smart city and to enable optimised decision-making in critical
urban systems.
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NBS Accounting faculty wins 2021 Excellence in Refereeing
Assoc Prof Kelvin Law is the first in Asia to be awarded this recognition by the Journal of Accounting Research for his refereeing activities. Recipients of this award are selected based on the quality and the number of reviews they had performed for the journal during the respective year.
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NBS Marketing faculty’s recognition in the 2022 outstanding IJRM Area Editors and Reviewers
The International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM), an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for marketing academics and practitioners, has recognised Prof Sharon Ng’s contributions as an Outstanding Area Editor. This special recognition was for handling more manuscripts than average, speed, and quality of work.
NBS ITOM faculty nominated to attend the prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
Asst Prof Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon was one of ten nominees from Singapore selected to attend the 7th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences. Held from 23-27 August 2022, an average of 400 economists around the globe have been invited to this annual meeting.
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NBS faculty invited by National Library Board to share from his new book
Co-authors of a new book Ignite Your Inner Engine and Turbocharge Your Motivation
Dr Kumaran Rajaram and Dr Eugene were invited to deliver a talk hosted by NLB where they shared key techniques to harness motivation, overcome roadblocks, and strategies to turbocharge motivation.
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Misunderstood Menu Metrics: Side-length Food Sizing Leads to Quantity Underestimation and Overeating
Thomas Allard & Stefano Puntoni - Journal of the Association for Consumer Research
This research highlights people’s failure to understand food sizing communicated using side-length metrics (e.g., 12-inch pizza, 8-inch cake), which are ubiquitous in menus and online interfaces.
Lowering the Sampling Rate: Heart Rate Response during Cognitive Fatigue
Alvin Lee, Elliot Chan, Josip Car, Woon-Seng Gan & Georgios Christopoulos - Biosensors
Can we use portable, light, and cheaper biosensors to detect fatigue? This research finds that down sampling – a key problem of such sensors – can still detect fatigue.
Does Board Turnover Enhance Firm Performance? A Contingency Approach
Wei Qiang, Sze Sze Wong, Kevin Koh &
Yen Hee Tong
- Corporate Governance: An International Review
This research investigates whether and when board turnover is beneficial for future firm performance from an information processing perspective.
AI in finance: Taming the beast
The Straits Times - 13 May 2022
In an op-ed, Assoc Prof Cindy Deng Xin discusses the risks and limitations to consider as artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being deployed for various purposes in finance, including digital identity verification, trading, and personalised banking.
Going back to school to improve her teaching
The Straits Times - 7 June 2022
Mathematics teacher Tan Sini initially considered furthering her studies with a master’s degree in psychology but was uncertain if she could cope with the demands of work and family. Subsequently, she discovered NTU FlexiMasters programme, a Continuing Education and Training initiative offered by NBS and enrolled in the FlexiMasters in Learning and Development programme, which offers several psychology courses for professionals working in education and education-related contexts.
Prospect of virtual and real-world technology fusing; from metaverse to mirror world
Lianhe Zaobao - 6 June 2022
In a forum letter written by senior lecturer Dr Yan Li, he discusses the possibility of parallel universes, suggesting that it may be possible to exist in one or more parallel universes at the same time. Not only can we have a "clone" of the real physical world in the virtual world but by changing our way of thinking, we can also achieve a "traversal" between both worlds.
Deutsche Bank's DWS replaces CEO after police raid in greenwashing probe
The Straits Times - 1 June 2022
Deutsche Bank’s embattled DWS Group chief executive officer Asoka Woehrmann resigned hours after a police raid, the culmination of months of controversy surrounding the executive. The raids add to a rising list of allegations that the company inflated its ESG credentials. Prof Kang Jun-Koo says the case sends “a strong signal that ESG can’t be just empty rhetoric but should be something deliverable.”
Robust pay rises in Singapore last year tempered by inflation
The Straits Times - 31 May 2022
Most workers saw pay hikes last year, but rising prices meant that their gains were tempered – their spending power increased by just 1.6 per cent, less than half of their nominal pay hikes.
Asst Prof Hong Ru says high prices are expected to persist for the rest of the year as lockdowns in China and the Ukraine war worsen supply bottlenecks.
Helicopter parenting 2.0
The Straits Times - 30 May 2022
In an op-ed, Adj Assoc Prof and NBS Advisory Board member Abel Ang discusses helicopter parenting – when parents pay extremely close attention to their child's experiences and problems. He shares his parenting approach, which includes expecting his sons to give their best and learn to take responsibility for their own decisions.
Singaporean entrepreneur spots gap to streamline African trade
How we made it in Africa - 27 May 2022
To increase efficiency for businesses, GUDD, a Singaporean trade technology company founded by entrepreneur Desmond Tay, has integrated customs clearance processes across five landlocked countries – Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania. It has done so by implementing a Single Customs Territory platform.
Southeast Asia seen growing way out of gloom
Borneo Bulletin - 24 May 2022
Southeast Asia is on track to recover from nearly two years in the doldrums. Senior lecturer
Dr Siriwan Chutikamoltham
says the region has several “growth factors” that will support its economic rebound. These include a young population that has better immunity against
COVID-19, and the rise of more digital-savvy consumers and online businesses.
Work/Life: Man v woman, or is it woman v woman?
The Straits Times - 23 May 2022
In an exclusive interview, Asst Prof Chong Sin Hui explains the Queen Bee phenomenon, where successful women block policies that support the rise of junior women. Believing that they have made immense self-sacrifices to attain their career achievements, these successful women view themselves as being more committed than other junior women.
Consumers associate higher-pitched commercials with healthier food products
PHYS.ORG - 23 May 2022
Researchers from NTU have found that the frequencies of sonic logos can impact the way we perceive how healthy the food being advertised to us is. In a live interview, neuroscientist
Prof Gemma Calvert shares why people in her study associated healthier food with a higher-pitched sound, explaining the impact of her study on F&B marketing and recommending how companies should best portray their food products.
Average monthly issuance of $1.8 million worth of five-cent coins; MAS: No plans to stop issuance
Lianhe Zaobao - 23 May 2022
Many people consider five-cent coins inconvenient to spend. Why are they still minted and circulated locally? Assoc Prof Elison Lim says if the price of a product is $0.95, consumers will psychologically round down the price to a whole number which is $0.90. Assoc Prof Zhang Kuangjie says studies have shown that consumers pay attention to the numbers on the left when shopping in a phenomenon known as the "left-digit effect".
The future of luxury retail is hybrid
The Business Times - 21 May 2022
Luxury consumers are changing fast and they have diversified, with younger customers more accustomed to the convenience of digital platforms. Consumers from newer fast-growing markets are also disrupting the traditions and rituals of luxury.
In this commentary, Assoc Prof Julien Cayla discusses how luxury stores are becoming more experiential and how after a late start, brands have only just started to embrace digital channels.
Lawrence Wong is looking forward to 'SG75' in 2040. Here are some bold ideas he could use
Mothership - 21 May 2022
How will Singapore manage technological change, automation, and job displacement in the next decade and beyond? In this commentary, Adj Assoc Prof and NBS Advisory Board member Abel Ang draws parallels from a book by U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang and suggests how PM-to-be Lawrence Wong can pick up some ideas to lead with the “Forward Singapore” agenda.
Credit ratings clients of Moody’s, S&P had better ESG scores: SMU study
The Business Times - 19 May 2022
In a working paper that was presented and discussed at the Nanyang Business School Accounting Conference, a positive correlation was found between the ESG scores given to companies by Moody’s and S&P, and their status as paying clients of the ratings agencies. The study also found that the increase in scores was more pronounced for companies that disclosed relatively less information on their ESG performance.
From bags to pet food, businesses in Singapore allow customers to pay with crypto
CNA Online - 19 May 2022
As cryptocurrency ownership grows in Singapore, several local businesses have started to accept cryptocurrency as they see the potential to attract new customers. However, experts warn about challenges like price swings in these digital currencies. Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim says while they may accept cryptocurrency today, by tomorrow the value of the cryptocurrency they received could be worth only half its value.
How can business schools promote employability?
Top MBA - 19 May 2022
Looking at the career outcomes of an institution's recent graduates is a useful way to identify a business school that is aligned with one’s personal goals. In this article, NBS’s Graduate Studies Career Development Office shares how the School promotes employability and provides invaluable career support to its students.

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