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July 2022

The NBS Research & Insights newsletter is an effort to demonstrate NBS thought leadership, as well as reflect the awards achieved and the latest research, covering a wide range of sectors and disciplines by our faculty.
NBS faculty appointed as Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal
Assoc Prof Jing Zhu has been appointed as an Associated Editor of the Academy of Management Journal on its new editorial team from 2022-2025, effective 1 July 2022. The Academy of Management Journal is the leading flagship empirical journal in the field of management and business.
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NBS faculty an invited speaker at GAEIA Global Conversations 2022
Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim spoke at the Inaugural GAEIA Conference on Responsible Digital Transformation Global Conversations 2022, hosted by Stanford University and Cal Poly State University on 19 May 2022 for the panel “Impacts of Technology in the Financial Sector”. The conversations examined ethical risks and social impacts of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies.
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NBS faculty’s paper wins 2022 Foundation Lombard Odier Prize for Academic Excellence in Philanthropy
Dr Zhao Meng’s co-authored paper Social enterprises and benefit corporations in China won the 2022 Foundation Lombard Odier Prize for Academic Excellence in Philanthropy. This prize, jointly established by Foundation Lombard Odier and the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy of the University of Geneva, aims to encourage research in philanthropy and business sustainability and response to practitioners' needs.
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Content-Filtering AI Systems
– Limitations, Challenges and Regulatory Approaches
Althaf Marsoof , Andrés Luco, Harry Tan and Shafiq Joty - Information & Communications Technology Law
The authors consider the limitations and challenges associated with the design and use of content-filtering AI and explore viable regulatory responses.
Digital platform attention and international sales: An attention-based view
Jingyu Li, Yigang Pan, Yi Yang, and Caleb H. Tse - Journal of International Business Studies
Can we use portable, light, and cheaper biosensors to detect fatigue? This research finds that down sampling – a key problem of such sensors – can still detect fatigue.
Firm Misvaluation and Corporate Social Responsibility
Yaling Jin - Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
This paper shows that overvalued firms have better performance in corporate social responsibility. Overall, the results reveal the incentives of firms to engage in corporate social responsibility activities in overvaluation to cater to investors who prefer better corporate social responsibility performance.
Asia-Pacific Power List 2022: Indofood
Campaign Asia - 28 June 2022
NBS Advisory Board member Axton Salim returns to the list for a second year. Chief marketing officer and director of Indofood, he is tasked with the development and promotion of products to appeal to younger demographics globally, with some help from his 147,000 Instagram followers. Revenue for Indofood rose 24% to 72.8 trillion rupiah (US$5 billion) in the third quarter last year.
A "digital Asian dollar" could be an alternative to the US dollar system
Lianhe Zaobao - 27 June 2022
Co-written by Dr Yan Li and NTU visiting Prof Bai Si Pan, the article discusses a 2019 Financial Times report by Mark Carney, then governor of the Bank of England, who proposed the establishment of a new global monetary system to replace the existing dollar system. Such a ‘digital Asian dollar’ concept, functioning like the Euro for the Eurozone, would be beneficial to countries in the region, facilitating trade and streamlining payment processes.
Who really is a true leader in a crisis?
The Business Times - 20 June 2022
In an op-ed, Dr Koh Cheng Boon discusses how the pandemic has made discussions on leadership paramount. “Much has been said about how the test of a good leader lies in how he or she performs during a crisis. While the criteria to identify effective leaders may appear obvious, there is, however, still some confusion over actual versus perceived leadership effectiveness,” he says.
Billionaire Hotel 81 founder on why his daughter is leading the business he built
The Straits Times - 19 June 2022
Hotel 81 founder Choo Chong Ngen now has 38 hotels under six brands in his Worldwide Hotels group. His daughter, NBS alumna, Carolyn Choo (pictured here) was made CEO and MD in 2017. Mr Choo’s first donation of $2 million went to NTU and he has since given $12.5 million to universities, polytechnics, and Institute of Technical Education students to provide yearly bursaries to the needy.
Tech firms laying off staff to 'consolidate' as funding dries up, say analysts
Channel News Asia - 16 June 2022
Despite the layoffs, demand for IT professionals will continue to be high, says Assoc Prof Damien Joseph. "The local IT labour market appears to be tight and in favour of the prospective employee, so some perspective is needed here,” he says, adding that roles such as software developers, business analytics professionals, data scientists, and project managers are still in high demand.
Kskin: Numbers game for accountant dads of facial, haircuts chain
The Straits Times - 16 June 2022
Friends since their accountancy undergraduate days, NBS alumni Samuel Pei, Bernard Ng, and Brian Ng – the men behind Kcuts and Kskin – explain how to win the numbers game with their 10-minute haircuts and 15-minute facials quick-beauty-fix concept. Volume is key to reach economies of scale, which might explain their 66 Kcuts outlets and 17 Kskin outlets today.
5 lessons on bringing an ‘agile’ approach to any workplace
Fast Company - 16 June 2022
One example of an agile work environment,
Adj Prof Stefan Seiler, who is also group head of human resources at UBS says is where teams are trusted and empowered. These teams run small safe-to-fail experiments, which allow them to
identify errors early on and avoid headaches
down the track.
How gunmakers may benefit from mass shootings
Time - 14 June 2022
Prof Anand Gopal, who co-authored a paper after tracking 93 mass shootings between 2009 and 2013 with Brad Greenwood, an associate business professor at George Mason University, attributed initial gunmaker stock slides to investors being wary that gun laws were about to be tightened. But the effect no longer holds. Instead, widely publicised mass shootings are seeing an increase in the stock prices of firms like Smith & Wesson or Ruger.
The economic potential of African genomics
Business Day - 14 June 2022
In this article that was edited from an earlier one first published by the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies, the writer suggests that African countries can adapt the Singapore model in genomics research because the majority Chinese, Malay,
and Indian ethnic groups have been cited as ideal
in many market studies.
Comment: It’s time to stop complaining about the M’sian chicken ban and look for a silver lining
Mothership - 10 June 2022
Adj Assoc Prof Abel Ang shares a sobering thought that the current chicken export ban is a reminder of just how fragile the Singapore way of life is, and how easy it is for Singaporeans to be cut off from water, food, and other essentials.
Analysis of Ant Group's plan to restart its listing
Lianhe Zaobao - 10 June 2022
Assoc Prof Deng Xin observes that the Ant Group has been divesting its financial and technology businesses since it started its internal reform. When the listing is restarted, the market will also pay special attention to the attributes of the group, and if listed as a financial enterprise, there is no doubt that its valuation will decrease.
From trash man to c-suite dealer
Business Daily Africa - 10 June 2022
In this Q&A interview, CEO of BPC Banking Technologies and NBS alumnus Frank Molla reminisces on his journey, from being a garbage collector to a spanner boy, a mechanic, a tout,
and matatu (Kenyan minibus) driver, to the
master negotiator for million-dollar deals and contracts today.
Grab drivers, car owners are worried, experts expect prices to continue rising
Berita Harian - 9 June 2022
Dr Siriwan Chutikamoltham says that as long as the Ukraine-Russia war continues, supplies from Russia will continue to face restrictions and therefore oil shortages will continue. To make matters worse, Asst Prof Ru Hong adds that demand for oil will increase when economic activity in China recovers and the rise in oil prices will continue for the rest of this year.
Why ‘service engineering’ is in
Business Inquirer - 9 June 2022
In this Q&A interview, Assoc Prof Geoffrey Chua says that with the emergence of digital and hybrid experiences, an obvious business offering is the bundling of online and offline products and services, which is why service engineering is gaining ground.
Ant Group launches digital wholesale bank ANEXT in Singapore to serve SMEs
Channel News Asia - 6 June 2022
Assoc Prof Hannah Yee-Fen Lim says that new digital wholesale banks will raise the industry’s bar in delivering quality financial services, further strengthening the financial sector in Singapore for the digital economy ahead, ensuring that it remains resilient, innovative, and competitive.

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