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Academic Profile



TAN How Choon

Adjunct Associate Professor
Division of Accounting
College of Business (Nanyang Business School)




Tan How Choon is a Forensic Accountant and Chartered Accountant. He has about 40 years of working experience in the areas of IT strategic planning & management, IT project management, and forensic accounting & financial investigation. He held several senior management positions, including Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief IT Auditor with large MNCs and the public sector.

In 1980, he designed and implemented the first Enterprise Resource Planning System In Singapore for Rollei (Germany based) Singapore. During the period with National Computer Board, he was involved in several national strategic planning projects, including IT2000/Intelligent Island, Library 2000, Civil Service Computerized Systems, and many other critical mega projects. In 1990, he led the team to implement the mega project, new NRIC (National Registration Identity Card, currently using), and AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) for Singapore Government. The system has since cracked many mysterious criminal cases in Singapore.

He graduated from Nanyang University with a B. Com. degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science. Subsequently, he obtained an MSc (Management of Technology) (NUS) and MBA (Accountancy) (NTU) while achieving a scholarship from the National Computer Board.

He was an Adjunct Associate Professor with the National University of Singapore Business School's MBA programme, Australian National University's Master of International Management programme, University of Newcastle's MBA program, James Cook University's MBA program, and Edinburg Business School's MBA program.

Research Interests
  • Forensic IT and Accounting
  • Management of IT, IT Security and IT Forensic
  • White Collar Crime Investigation
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic plan Auditing
  • Project Auditing