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Course Description

BM211 / BE2501/BE2511 International Business Environment

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB106/ AB0901 / AB0901

Course Description:
The international dimension has become a common feature of business and trade. We have all heard the jargon phrases, such as 'globalization', 'multinational corporation', and 'cross-border transactions', many of which are now cliche's. Despite this, doing business internationally is not easy. Whether in a broad sense, or in terms of the specific functions and activities of a firm, is international business involves interaction between multiple players, in a dynamic and interconnected environment.
This course aims to provide students with a clear foundation in the multi-level structure of the international business environment, as an interactive nexus of domestic and global contexts, shaped by institutions, businesses, and stakeholders. Using a mix of discussion, games and group discussion activity, this course focuses on the use of domain knowledge and analytical skills to deliver business-oriented solutions to practical problems in the IB domain.