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Course Description

BH333 / AB9602 Leadership in Organisations

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: 3rd Year Standing

Course Description:

1. The nature of work and organisations is changing rapidly with greater access to education, globalization and the information age.  Organisations are becoming flatter; the pace of work is also getting quicker. Social values, norms and expectations are also changing.  Amidst this rising complexity, people look ever more to leaders and leadership to provide direction, purpose and motivation at work and in society.  These changes place new demands on leaders to influence people effectively to achieve the desired outcomes.  In many ways, each individual is also expected to be a leader in his/her domain of work responsibility, knowledge and expertise.  What is enduring and “new” about leadership?  What are the challenges of leadership in the new workplace?  How can one strategise for effective leadership in the future world of work and organisations? 

2. This elective course aims to provide students with a critical, behavioural science-based understanding of leadership (beyond intuition based on personal experience and the popular literature), and to help them strategise for more effective leadership in the future. Using seminars/workshops supplemented with leadership assessments and group assignments, students will be provided with a deeper understanding of the concept of leadership and the challenges of leadership in various contexts -- based on scientific theory and research.  They will also gain greater self-awareness of themselves as leaders – their motivation to lead, values, personality, interpersonal and team-related skills.  They will be provided with experiential learning of team building processes/skills.  Students will also be expected to determine and to clarify their leadership V.O.I.C.E.S., i.e., their Leadership Vision, Opportunities, Identity, Competencies, Ethics & Styles to prepare them for leadership roles in the future work environment.