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BH3601 Talent Development & Management

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB1601 / AB1601

Course Description:
Businesses today, given the increasing competition and globalization are going through immense changes and transformations. The recognition of talent as a source of competitive advantage for businesses is fundamental and Human Resources Development (HRD) is one of the most significant pillars in the organizational HR system. A strategic approach to managing the HRD function is a key to any organizational change efforts. Shifts in skills, behaviours and mindsets needed to meet the future organizational challenges is fostered through a systematic effort in training and development and change management. High performing organizations have shown a laser sharp focus in the way talent is acquired, managed and developed, not to mention a significant investment of organizational resources in development of their human capital. The role of HRD/T&D professionals cannot be overemphasised in these times of constant changes in skills and knowledge requirements of employees, when skilled HRD/T&D professionals are scarce. These professionals play crucial roles in an environment of knowledge-based economy, where continuous performance improvement through lifelong learning has been identified as the key for success and growth of all members of organizations.