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Course Description

BH324 / BH3301 Employment Law

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB107/ AB1301 / AB1301

Course Description:
This course aims to provide students with the main principles of Employment Law in Singapore as a foundation for an understanding of the employment relationship and its incidents both in Singapore and in other jurisdictions (particularly with a common law heritage). Besides a sound working grasp of the basic legal principles, the course is also intended to provide perspectives, theoretical and practical, from which to critically assess the possible solutions and the law's responses to vital problems commonly encountered. The course requires that students develop the ability to critically analyse and evaluate the legal principles relating to employment issues and, where appropriate, to consider the practical application of such principles. Students are also required to appreciate how policy factors can sometimes determine employment law practice. Some of these issues and problems include the drafting employment contracts, the minimum mandatory protection for employees, wrongful or unfair dismissals, and work safety and compensation for injuries caused at work.