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Course Description

BC207 / BC2402 Database Management & Business Intelligence

Acad Unit: 4

Course Description:

This course introduces participants to analyses, design, tools, techniques, and issues concerning the management of data. Data management is the foundation for organization decision- making and business intelligence. Participants will analyse a variety of business process, identify data requirements and develop manual and/or computer-based information systems to support these business processes. In this course, participants will get the opportunity to apply their design and development competencies by working closely with non-profit organizations to implement an information systems prototype.

The goal of this course is to impart analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making and technical skills through in-class and semester assignments. By working on real-world problems, participants will learn to work as consulting teams within real, operating organizational contexts. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have gained soft and technical skills to identify and analyze business-related problems, to use appropriate technologies to resolve these problems, to evaluate alternative solutions, to make appropriate recommendations and to develop a prototype of their recommended solution.