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Course Description

AB0602 Communication Management Strategies

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB0601 / AB0601

Course Description:
This course builds on the understanding of communication strategies that students have gained from AB114. As such, basic skills developed in AB114 are needed to be able to analyse the numerous communication contexts presented in AB214, develop appropriate responses and execute them convincingly.

AB214 prepares students to master the communications challenges they are likely to meet in rapidly evolving business environments, so that they can become confident participants in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Students will engage in a critical examination and discussion of some central business and management communication issues, which will help them to develop independent, analytical and creative thinking skills.

This course features an increased emphasis on: - speaking, writing and presentation skills in a variety of business settings; - thinking critically about communication contexts: - developing communication strategies appropriate to these contexts; - a more systematic approach to the assessment of communications competencies, in which student participation plays a much greater role; and - a combination of team and individual work to reflect practices in professional contexts. At the end of this course, the students will be able to deal confidently with a range of different communicative situations, because they have acquired tools which allow them to present themselves and their ideas appropriately and convincingly.