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Course Description

AB113 / AB1401 Technological Innovations and Developments

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: Co-req: AB1402

Course Description:

AB113 introduces students to the business uses of information technology. The course focuses on how businesses use information technology (IT), and how they might exploit IT better to set themselves apart from their competition. This includes creating new businesses that are based on IT and how technology entrepreneurship offers a new source of value in the information economy.

The course provides a solid foundation in understanding how IT works, is deployed, and helps creates new ventures.  Students will be exposed to a broad range of IT topics including IT infrastructure, telecommunications, database, Internet, security, e-commerce, and IT outsourcing. The students will gain not only a technical understanding of IT but also an understanding of the power of IT to change entire economic systems all the way from processes to entire industries.