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- / BU8545 -
Consumer Neuroscience: How brain science is informing business

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: - / Nil

Course Description:

This course is designed to familiarize you with current knowledge about the consumer brain from the field of neuromarketing (consumer neuroscience) in order to develop more effective communications and predict consumer decision-making to a level that exceeds standard market research (focus groups, surveys, etc).  The course will also cover how consumer’s subconscious responses can be measured using a range of different neuromarketing techniques in order to capture their true needs and emotions towards products, services and other marketing related materials. There are no formal pre-requisites and the insights should be applicable across a range of industries and sectors (from marketing to manufacturing, banking, and management; this course is particularly useful for those thinking about a career in the B to C sector).