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Course Description

BC3406 / BC3406 Business Analytics Consulting

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AB1202, BC2402, BC2406, BC2407(co-req)

Course Description:

Business Analytics Consulting is a career option that provides incumbents an opportunity for challenging work, continued self-development, access to important social and professional networks, and, over time, significant financial rewards. The consulting profession offers work opportunities in large global organizations that practice in a variety of business settings and business disciplines, and in small firms offering niche/boutique services. In addition many businesses have developed internal consulting organizations to provide consulting related services within the organization and often in conjunction with consulting services offered by third party firms.

 This is an applications course exposing participants to the profession of business analytics consulting. The course is designed to develop an appreciation of the art and science of providing recommendations to client organizations/departments.