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BU8544 / Marketing Health: Consumers' Pursuit of Wellness

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: NIL

Course Description:

The health, beauty, and wellness industry is predicted to have a strong growth in the coming years. With the disposable income and life expectancy increasing, many consumers are willing to spend considerable amount of income on seeking and keeping health and beauty. Healthy lifestyle has become a global trend with many health conscious followers. With the growing ageing population around the world, high quality healthcare services that provides patients a pleasant experience are in great demand. This course will provide an overview of conducting marketing in three sectors of the growing health industry: 1. Consumer health and beauty products/services (e.g. healthy foods, gym membership, sports apparel, slimming treatment services); 2. Healthcare services (e.g. services in hospitals, clinics, senior-living communities, pharmacies); and 3. Health and wellness tourism (e.g. travel for medical exam, medical spa, spiritual experiences, mind-body connection). The business environment of these sectors will be reviewed. Current trends, opportunities and challenges will be highlighted to help students learn and practice how to develop marketing strategy in these sectors. On the other hand, students as consumers will gain insights into their own pursuit of health, beauty, and wellness with a deeper understanding of the business landscapes of these sectors. Fundamental marketing concepts, principles, and frameworks will be reviewed to ensure that non-business students are also equipped with necessary marketing knowledge to work on the course assignments and projects.