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Course Description

BE3201 Entrepreneurial Finance

Acad Unit: 3
Pre-requisite: AB1201 / AB1201

Course Description:

 The course is not only relevant for would-be entrepreneurs, but also for those considering a career in commercial banks, investment banks, private equity firms, venture capital firms, as well as in corporate venture investments. This course differs from a typical corporate finance course in that it highlights the special and unique considerations when planning the financial needs of new ventures and young companies. Many typical avenues of funding (such as bank borrowing, issuing of bonds or issuing of liquid equities) for established or public listed companies are not accessible to small and young companies due to the lack of business track record. The analyses and requirements of investors who are considering providing finances to small and young companies may also be different from that of public equity investments. This course will provide students with the understanding of various aspects and processes in financial planning and financial management of new ventures or young companies, as well as investment analyses and considerations for investors providing funding to such companies.