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Course Description

AA201 / AC2101 Accounting Recognition & Measurement

Acad Unit: 4
Pre-requisite: AC1102

Course Description:

This course equips students with a strong conceptual and technical knowledge of the recognition and measurement of various financial statement elements. The course begins with a discussion of general recognition and measurement issues and concepts, various income concepts and capital maintenance concepts. The course proceeds with critical examination of specific recognition and measurement issues and current and forthcoming authoritative pronouncements related to various elements of the financial statements.

This course also emphasizes skills and attitudes that are essential to accounting professionals. This course further develops students' skills of inquiry, research, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, team work, communication and presentation. Important attitudes and values that this course aims to cultivate in students include professional and social awareness and responsibilities, receptiveness to differing views, and a passion for proactive self-learning. The assessment plan for the stated learning objectives is presented below.

This course builds heavily on knowledge acquired in earlier courses like the fundamental theoretical frameworks (e.g., contracting theory and accounting conceptual framework covered in AA101 and AA102) and basic accounting, organizational and decision-making concepts and techniques (covered in first year accounting and business courses).