MFE Students Mid-Autumn Party

Another party? Students celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival on 29 Sep 06 with a party and, as the pictures show, had a great time!
So, who says the MFE program is only about studying? :)

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P1010176 P1010179 P1010180 P1010182 P1010189
P1010176.jpg P1010179.jpg P1010180.jpg P1010182.jpg P1010189.jpg
P1010191 P1010192 P1010196 P1010197 P1010198
P1010191.jpg P1010192.jpg P1010196.jpg P1010197.jpg P1010198.jpg
P1010199 P1010201 P1010203 P1010207 P1010208
P1010199.jpg P1010201.jpg P1010203.jpg P1010207.jpg P1010208.jpg