NBS Focus Point
How to Build a Strong Brand and Stay on Top using Neuromarketing
8 November 2017

Time: 7pm - 9pm
(Registration and Networking Reception start from 6.30pm)
Venue: Central Location (TBA)

$20 per NBS/NTU Alumnus
$40 per CFA/DUAL Member
$90 per Guest

Attire:  Office Wear

In today’s crowded marketplace, brands have to try harder than ever before to stand out from their competitors and build solid relationships with their consumers.  In an environment where success or failure can reside with a few brief words on social media, brands need to stay highly attuned to the constantly shifting needs and expectations of their customers.  Neuromarketing - which captures consumers’ deep-seated feelings, thoughts and emotions - now provides every industry with the ammunition it requires to understand, pre-empt and respond to consumers with greater accuracy than has been previously possible.  

At this NBS Focus Point, you will hear Professor Gemma Anne Calvert of NBS discuss about the latest developments in neuromarketing, from effective machine-based lie-detectors to web-based attention monitors, and tinder-type apps that can uncover people’s unconscious attitudes and biases on mobile devices. Successful brands understand the market, great brands get deep inside consumer’s brains and anticipate the future. Learn how you can do this too by leveraging on brain science.


Organised by NBS Alumni Affairs